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Alpha Lighting supplies and installs energy-efficient LED lighting to help organisations cut their electricity costs while at the same time improve working conditions for their staff. Our LED lights can retrofit into most existing light fittings making installation convenient, quick and simple - you can be sure of quality and reliability with our full guarantee on all our products and services.

Our retrofit LED lights comply with the new Building Regulations with regards to energy saving (Part L) and are fully CE and RoHS complaint.

We are passionate about enabling our customers to benefit from energy-saving, environmentally friendly technology. As an approved supplier of the Carbon Trust we can arrange 0% Government loans to help your organisation switch to energy-efficient LED lighting.

For general and sales enquires, please contact us.

Retrofit LED MR16
Retrofit LED MR16

Act on CO2

Why Switch to LED Lights?

Year on Year Savings – consumes around 80% less electricity compared to incandescent (halogen and filament) lights

100% First Year Tax Relief - through the Government Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme www.eca.gov.uk/etl

Lower Maintenance Cost -  typical lifespan of 50000 hours compared to 5000 hours for halogens and 1000 hours for filaments

No UV Emissions - ideal for illuminating objects such as art or perishable food that are sensitive to UV light and heat

Low Heat Output –  operates at 60°C while incandescent lights operate at 300°C - 450°C, potentially reducing air conditioning costs

Increased Visual Stimulation – emits pure white light which can enhance retail appeal and improve work environment for staff

Examples of some of our most recent LED lighting installations
LED lights installed by Alpha Lighting LED lights installed by Alpha Lighting
LED lights installed by Alpha Lighting LED lights installed by Alpha Lighting

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