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  Case Study - Zagger Fashion Group www.zagger.co.uk

"Alpha Lighting was able to cut my annual lighting bill by £1913 while enhancing retail appeal"  - Chris Geer, owner


Zagger Fashion Group is an established and highly respected, Essex based chain of designer clothing stores. With an acute awareness of the importance of interior aesthetics and operating costs associated with conventional retail lighting schemes, Zagger commissioned Alpha Lighting to carry out an Energy Assessment Survey on the existing lighting installations, and give qualified advice and recommendations on how to create the desired illumination and effects for the displays throughout their flagship store in Chelmsford.

Alpha Lighting analysed the existing scheme and identified areas in which substantial energy savings could be made.

Our highly skilled team replaced all the existing halogen ceiling lights throughout the store with energy-efficient LED lights with no compromise on brightness.

Alpha Lighting also installed compact LED strip lighting inside display shelving, which generated maximum illumination with minimal heat output. LED lighting is ideal for display items sensitive to both heat and UV (e.g. leather or synthetic handbags which could crack or warp in extreme heat and fade under UV light after prolonged exposure).

Alpha Lighting arranged a 0% Carbon Trust loan for Zagger to help finance the switch to energy-efficient LED lighting. Alpha Lighting was able to reduce Zagger's lighting costs by £1913 per year while reducing their carbon footprint by 8.7 tonnes per year, adding another success story to our portfolio.

The store had a total of 91 halogen 50W lights, each running for 12hrs a day with electricity costing 12p per unit (kWh). The annual electricity bill from these halogen lights came to 91 x 0.05kW x 12hrs x 365 x £0.12 = £2391.

Alpha Lighting replaced each halogen light with an energy-efficient LED 10W light without compromising on brightness. The projected annual electricity bill from these LED lights come to 91 x 0.01kW x 12hrs x 365 x £0.12 = £478, an annual saving of £1913!

 Benefits to Zagger:

  • Annual lighting bill was reduced by 80%, a yearly saving of £1913.

  • 0% Carbon Trust loan repayments are offset against the savings made on lighting bills; the LED lights pay for themselves!

  • Zagger claimed back 21% (Zagger's cooperation tax rate) of the total cost of the LED lights through the Government ECA scheme

  • Reduced air conditioning cost due to lower heat generated by LED lighting

  • The white light produced by the LED lighting in ceilings and displays improved retail appeal (halogen has a yellow tinge)

  • Lower maintenance cost and less disruption due to the longer life span (+11 years) of LED lighting

  • Reduced annual carbon footprint by 8.7 tonnes


Carbon Trust

0% Government loans from the Carbon Trust are a cost effective way to switch to energy-efficient LED lighting.

You pay back the loan with the savings you make on your energy bills!


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